We specialize in offering competency training in three key areas: shaft alignment, vibration analysis, and geometric measurements. Our goal is to equip our participants with the knowledge and skills required to efficiently and quickly perform alignment of their rotating machines.

During our courses, we focus on providing participants with a deep understanding of the process, including the necessary preparation before going to the machine, methodical measurement, correct interpretation of results, and the best method for making adjustments. In this way, our participants can become more efficient and confident when performing their tasks with rotating machinery.

Training at ACOEM Sweden

We carry out our training in modern and well-equipped training facilities where we alternate lectures with practical exercises on our training rigs. The rigs are designed to mimic the machines that are most commonly used in industry. This means that you can practice all the elements required to carry out the alignment work.

During the course, we carry out practical exercises, educate and give you answers to all questions about shaft alignment. The course takes place at ACOEM Fixturlaser’s premises in Mölndal.

If you have any questions or to register with or tel: +46 31 706 28 32

On-site training

Of course, we can also tailor training to your needs. On request, on-site training is also conducted. This applies in cases where you have several participants or if you have special applications that require the training to be done on site.

Contact us to book your training or to discuss how we can help you in the best way.