Benefits of Shaft Alignment

Shaft alignment of machines has been performed for over 200 years.

The reasons have not always been obvious, but in the modern world, the necessity of alignment is common knowledge. With today’s optimized machinery, alignment is a vital part of the daily maintenance work. Machines need to be online continuously with a minimum of interruptions.
A machine breakdown causes devastating loss of production. Nearly 50% of all machine breakdowns are caused by misalignment.
Shaft alignment can be performed with different tools. The easiest way is to use a ruler or a straight edge over the two coupling halves and align them by eyesight. The result is not very accurate and it is very operator dependent. A better result can be achieved by the use of mechanical dial indicators. A skilled and experienced operator can obtain good and reliable measurements, but it takes time and patience.
A far easier and highly accurate way is to use laser-based alignment systems. They do not require special skills and deliver accurate and reliable results.

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Brochure: ACOEM Benefits of Shaft Alignment