Benefits of Shaft Alignment

Shaft alignment of machines has been performed for over 200 years.

In today’s advanced industrial landscape, the importance of alignment is unequivocal. In this modern era of optimized machinery, alignment stands as an integral facet of routine maintenance. The seamless operation of machines with minimal interruptions is essential, as any breakdown can lead to crippling production losses. Astonishingly, misalignment is responsible for nearly 50% of these disruptions.

Shaft alignment methods vary, with some relying on rudimentary tools like rulers or straight edges for visual alignment. Unfortunately, this approach lacks precision and heavily depends on the operator’s skill. A more dependable result can be achieved using mechanical dial indicators, but this method demands a skilled and patient operator.

A superior and remarkably accurate solution comes in the form of laser-based alignment systems. These cutting-edge systems eliminate the need for specialized skills, offering precise and reliable results effortlessly. Say goodbye to the inaccuracies of manual methods; embrace the efficiency and accuracy of laser-based shaft alignment. Elevate your maintenance practices with the latest technology.

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Brochure: ACOEM Benefits of Shaft Alignment