Low Dew Point Zero Air Generator

While conducting research in the field, you will often need to dry your sample air.

Water-permeable membranes that don’t require any consumables for operation are frequently used for this purpose, placed upstream of your measuring instrument. As the air flows along a membrane, on the other side and in the opposite direction to the sample flow, it draws the humidity out of the sample air.

Using low dew point air for this counterflow enhances the drying effect and gives you more flexibility in your analytical setup compared to other setups, including those that use the so-called “sample reflux method.”

But how can you get hold of dry air in remote locations without hauling bulky and heavy compressed air cylinders along potentially difficult transportation routes?

You could assemble an apparatus that delivers dry/zero air yourself, but this requires expertise and detracts from your valuable research time.

Acoem’s Low Dew Point Zero Air Generator (Prod. no.: E040035) is a practical, off-the-shelf solution that generates dry air (up to 10 lpm, -40℃ dew point) on site or in the laboratory and integrates seamlessly with Acoem’s ecosystem of environmental monitoring instruments as well as those from other manufacturers.

As long as you have an available power source, it is the easiest way to create dry air on site and is compact enough to be easily transported.

The flexible Low Dew Point Zero Air Generator benefits multiple research applications.

For aerosol studies, it works perfectly with the inlet dryer of the Aurora™ range of nephelometers and the ACS 1000 aerosol conditioning system which controls and varies humidity levels of the analysed air.

It can also be used to dry gaseous samples (e.g. greenhouse gases) prior to measurement or to supply zero air to a dilution calibration system, such as the Serinus™ Cal product range.

For more information about the Low Dew Point Zero Air Generator please contact your nearest Acoem representative at email@acoem.com

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