Affordable and high precision shaft alignment!

Laser Kit

Laser shaft alignment designed and built for mechanics has finally reached a price level where you can say it has become available for everyone. Low cost is traditionally known as giving up on either usability or quality, or both. Not this time!

The Laser Kit consists of two wireless sensor units utilizing two line lasers. The use of line lasers simplifies the setup process minimizing setup time. To make it even easier, the sensors come pre-mounted on its fixtures and pre-set to the most common setup.

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The software runs on a tablet, or phone, guiding the user through the entire alignment process. The user interface is entirely graphical and uses no text, no language barriers to overcome. The software leaves you without any doubt about how your machine is aligned and when your job is completed. Reporting is automatic and contains all relevant information.

As you can see, the Laser Kit has all the basic functionality you can expect from an entry-level laser shaft alignment system. The technical platform on which the system is built is common with our most successful and reliable product providing for a long and trouble-free operation.

Laser Kit runs with the free App Laser Kit.

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Laser Kit

What’s in the case?

Laser Kit – Package with Case

  • 2 pcs of digital smart sensors
  • 2 pcs of complete V-brackets
  • 2 pcs of chains
  • Power supply with USB port
  • Rod tool
  • Cable with Y-splitter
  • Tape measure, 5 m

Technical Specification

Laser Kit*

Weight including all standard parts 2,75  kg (6,06 lbs)
Dimension 357 mm x 305 mm x 96 mm (14,1 in x 12 in x 3,8 in)
Displayed resolution 0,01 mm (0,1 mil with “inch” settings.)
Digital Laser Sensors
Weight 156 g (5,5 oz)
Dimensions 139 mm x 79 mm x 40 mm (5,5 in x 3,1 in x 1,6 in)
Environmental protection IP 20
Measurement distance 70 mm – 850 mm (2,7 in – 2,8 ft)
Detector PSD (Single axis)
Detector area 8,5 x 0,9 mm (0,3 x 0,04 in)
Detector resolution PSD (Single axis)
Measurement accuracy 3% ± 0,01 mm
Inclinometer accuracy ±2°
Wireless communication Class I Bluetooth transceiver with multi-drop capability. BLE Bluetooth Low Energy (BT 4.0)
Laser safety
Shaft brackets
Shaft diameter Ø 30-150 mm (1,2 – 5,9 in)
Rods 2 pcs 150 mm (5,9 in)

*Note! Specifications are preliminary and subject to change without notice.