Experience the state-of-the-art DSL-320 technology, a groundbreaking solution for precise light transmission measurement. Our innovative approach integrates a Transceiver/Reflector system with a folded beam design, ensuring exceptional accuracy. With the DSL-320, the process is simple: the Transceiver (TRX) emits a beam of light that passes through the duct, stack, or flue, reaching the Reflector. The Reflector redirects the light back to the Transceiver, where its intensity is precisely measured.

Efficiently detect and monitor the impact of increased particulate or smoke density in stack gas using the DSL-320. This occurrence leads to light attenuation, resulting in a decrease in received light intensity. Our device accurately measures this reduction and presents it as a percentage of opacity. As the level of particulate or smoke rises, more light is lost, leading to a higher opacity value. Stay well-informed and optimize your operations with the advanced capabilities of the DSL-320.

Optional accessories

  • Operator interface (OI)
  • 90-260 Vac model available
  • Mounting flange installation kit
  • Laser alignment tool to assist with installation
  • Air purge blower kit (110 Vac / 230 Vac / 415 Vac)
  • Compressed air purge kit
  • Reference filters for routine calibration check of the instrument

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