Acoem NESTi4.0

Maximize your factory’s efficiency with Nest i4.0 – Acoem’s leading software. Use AI for predictive maintenance and easily integrate vibration diagnostic systems. Optimization starts here!

The Acoem NESTi4.0 predictive maintenance software offers several benefits:

  1. The Power of AI: Acoem’s Accurex™ AI enables advanced analytics and data-driven insights to predict maintenance needs and improve system performance.
  2. Fully Integrated Ecosystem: NESTi4.0 creates a cohesive solution for monitoring and maintaining equipment, which can increase operational efficiency.
  3. Ease of use: It’s the only software you need for predictive maintenance, reducing the complexity and cost of managing multiple separate systems.
  4. Compatibility: The seamless collaboration with Acoem’s vibration measurement solutions provides reliable and accurate data collection for diagnosis and decision-making.

In conclusion, Acoem NESTi4.0 is a powerful and user-friendly solution that leverages AI and offers an integrated way to improve maintenance processes, increase uptime, and reduce costs.

Machine Health Matrix

Quick and easy identification of the health of your machines

  • Analyze a machine’s health on just one screen
  • Overview of all parameters and easy drill-down to each
  • Individual parameter per point
  • Manage and access data for even the largest machines
  • Full reporting capability
  • Add parameters and points as needed
  • Direct access to waveforms and spectra
  • Easily find and identify any defects


Shock Finder™

Easy detection of shock pulses and diagnostics with clear visualization.

Setting up the machine

The NEST i4.0 Machine Setup module is the fastest available, with a simple drag-and-drop feature to easily create virtually any machine using built-in or custom templates.


Open data platform

Easily link your assets’ health information to your systems with OPC UA.

Bearing Defect Factor

Automatically evaluates the health of the roller/bearing. Continuously increases throughout the life cycle of the bearing. Provides early fault detection.


Next-level, fully web-based interface that provides a holistic view of every machine in your business. Customizable reports present actionable data to decision-makers as well as vibration experts, to individual or network of machines in one or more locations across the globe, regardless of the Acoem device used to collect the data.

Harmonix™ Index

High-frequency, high-resolution, and pooled spectrum. Quantifies harmonic families in the spectrum automatically.


The benefits of Accurex include quick access to machine diagnostics (knowing what’s wrong, where they are, how important they are, and the level of confidence); Variable speed part warnings while driving; and automatic expert reports that save up to 50% of the time.


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