Acoem (Ecotech) Zero Air Generator 8301 Series

The Acoem (Ecotech) 8301 Series Zero Air Generators have been designed to supply zero air (contaminant free) to a dilution calibration system, such as the Serinus Cal 1000Serinus Cal 2000Serinus Cal 3000.

The system comprises a compressed air source, permeation dryer and a series of optional scrubbers chosen depending on the application, producing clean, dry dilution quality “zero air.”

  • Model 8301LC is designed for a 19” rackmounted enclosure and provides in excess of 10 slpm of zero air
  • Model 8301LC-H is a high capacity variant and provides up to 20 slpm
  • Model 8301P provides in excess of 9 slpm of zero air at a pressure of 200 KPa and is ideal for use with dilution gas calibrators

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