Industrial maintenance tools are essential for ensuring operational efficiency. Shaft alignment adjusts machine axles, vibration measurement monitors health, and geometry measurement guarantees accurate component placement, preventing downtime and extending equipment lifespan.

Acoem AT 300prB 1

Acoem AT-300

Welcome to the future of laser measurement technology with the Acoem AT-300, the next-generation digital line laser system engineered for…

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634x667 AT 400 product of the year

Acoem AT-400

Unlock precision with the Acoem AT-400  A cutting-edge dual-axis shaft alignment system.              The Dual…

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plant 4

Acoem NESTi4.0

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AT 100 shaft alignment

Acoem AT-100

An affordable entry-level shaft alignment tool that is easy to use. ACOEM expands its shaft alignment product family…

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Acoem AT 200

Acoem AT-200

Smart alignment for the Industry 4.0 maintenance professional!

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634x667.png EXO

Fixturlaser EXO

Smart shaft alignment in hazardous areas!

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Acoem NXA Pro

Acoem NXA Pro is the most user-friendly and cost-effective laser alignment system in the industry. The Acoem NXA…

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A smart reliability tool for the augmented mechanic!

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Acoem NXA Ultimate

The ultimate measurement tool for shaft alignment and geometry measurements!

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EVO 795x530 1


The EVO is all about evolved simplicity!

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eco category pge


An entry-level system for shaft alignment!

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whats in the case ol2r w350px


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offset w


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5 1007 02 Illustration w FL ROP

AT-010 Run-Out Probe

The smart displacement probe for pre-alignment checks!

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fixturlaser level case

Acoem Level

The Acoem Level represents a precision two-axis level sensor suitable for a wide range of applications demanding accurate…

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Whats in the case PAT 300dpi


Belt alignment with PAT!

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smc home


Instant machine diagnosis for fast corrective action!

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634x667 NXA geometry

Acoem NXA Geometry

High precision geometric measurements!

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halfbore with fixtures t110 and r2 w400px

Bore Fixture Kits

Advanced straightness measurements for full- and halfbore

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nxa du straightness cleared

Straightness measurement

Straightness measurement with the NXA Geometry

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nxa du bore measurement cle

Bore measurements

Bore alignment with the NXA Geometry

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nxa du circ flatness cleare

Circular Flatness Measurement

Circular flatness measurement with the NXA Geometry

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nxa du rect flatness cleare

Rectangular Flatness Measurements

Rectangular flatness measurement with the NXA Geometry

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Industrial maintenance tools play a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency. With features like shaft alignment, vibration measurement, and geometry assessment, they prevent downtime and extend equipment lifespan for optimized performance.