17 March 2020

RT-300 – A New Smart Reliability Tool from ACOEM

The augmented mechanic’s solution – RT-300 – is a smart reliability tool that combines on-the-spot machine diagnostics with tools for pre-alignment and precision shaft alignment, minimizing the time from fault diagnostics to corrective actions. The usage of RT-300 will ultimately minimize unplanned production stops and guarantee production and product quality.

The cloud- and app-based platform with an integrated dashboard facilitates reporting on machine health and trends and sharing with co-workers and customers.

rt 300 press pic

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The augmented mechanic’s solution RT-300 is a mechanic’s tool, a smart reliability tool that gives the mechanic the knowledge and power to make decisions regarding a machine’s health status and to take corrective actions. It combines machine diagnosis with pre-alignment tools, and horizontal as well as vertical shaft alignment, which all contribute to a prolonged machine life.

Hans Svensson, CEO ACOEM AB, says:

“Industry 4.0 has created possibilities for ACOEM to develop products that increase the productivity of mechanics and minimize production downtime. Using technology, such as a cloud-based platform, connectivity, apps, and mobile devices, will lead to shorter response times, and hence faster action to any kind of production failure.”

He continues: ”We are very proud to introduce the smart reliability tool RT-300 to the global maintenance community. It is a product that takes a technology leap in how maintenance departments will be run in the future.”

The RT-300 comes with an app and cloud platform, where the integrated dashboard gives the end user a clear overview of the plant’s machinery’s health status and trends. Data and reports are instantly saved and shared, and work orders based on machine health data are easily created ─ all crucial input for a plant’s asset management.


For more information, contact:

Hans Svensson, CEO, ACOEM AB, tel: +46 31 706 28 00, email: hans.svensson@acoem.com

For more information, go to: RT-300 product page