28 October 2022

AT-200 all-new user interface

ACOEM unveils an all-new user interface experience and new ways to share and communicate.


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new improved GuideU™ (UI), designed to maximize user productivity, facilitate intuitive reporting, and ensure a consistent user experience across all measurements.




ACOEMs, GuideU™,  adaptive user interface guides the user throughout the job in logical and easy-to-follow steps. It delivers measurement and correction values based on what the system finds during the alignment process. This eliminates confusion for less-experienced users and provides ease of access throughout a measurement. ACOEM is committed to ensuring that every user has a smooth experience using our range of shaft alignment tools.

AT 200 Pump Motor DU AT w screen pict w lasers zoomed in


Fully Immersive A faster and better alignment experience is achieved by providing a more realistic replica of the measuring process.



“We have updated the look and feel of the entire UI with a new 3D experience and new features. These new styles are not only pleasing to the eye but are designed to make it easier and more efficient to navigate during the measurement process.”

Peter Strömberg, ACOEM Sweden

IMG 0440