The AT-Series comprises the AT-100, AT-200, AT-300, AT-400, and EXO models, each tailored to efficiently tackle specific alignment challenges in a variety of machinery types.

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Embrace heightened precision with the Acoem AT-400, equipped with resilient dual-axis sensors and unparalleled adaptability to excel in a wide array of shaft alignment scenarios.

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Acoem AT-300, is a cutting-edge digital line laser system designed for outstanding performance. Experience precision through advanced line laser sensors and a comprehensive range of programs tailored for optimal shaft alignment.

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Acoem AT-200 is your reliable companion for tasks involving horizontal and vertical alignment. Enhanced by the integration of two wireless digital sensors.

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Efficiently address machine misalignment using this system for horizontal shaft alignment. Designed to be user-friendly for novices and experts, it effortlessly ensures precise alignment.

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Perform shaft alignments in hazardous areas with the EXO.

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AT-series Shaft Alignment Tool

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