Guarantees of quality products

Quality, Environmental and Product Obsolescence Policy

The laser alignment products, services, and working methods of ACOEM AB will be characterized by efficiency.

One way of achieving this is to systematically measure and analyze the company’s processes and to run the organization in an efficient manner in order to accomplish constant improvements.

Quality Policy

ACOEM AB’s products, services, and working practices are characterized by EFFICIENCY and the highest quality in everything we undertake, from how we run our organization to our customer service. We honestly believe that “good enough” is just a starting point. As a foundation, ACOEM AB has implemented a quality assurance system that is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

ACOEM AB runs its business in a way that meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial, and public expectations placed on it by its surroundings.

ACOEM AB works towards ensuring a healthy and motivational working environment by creating a business culture in which we care about every employee’s physical, mental, and social well-being.

At ACOEM AB we have expectations of our organization, people, and leaders. We establish and develop a relationship between the business and every employee, based on defined expectations and a common commitment to how we behave, deliver, and develop as an organization.

We strive to promote democracy within our organization by ensuring the participation of our employees.

At ACOEM AB we are committed to diversity in age, sex, and nationality. More than anything else, leadership quality determines the success or failure of a business. For this reason, ACOEM AB invests continuously in performance development for its leaders.

Environmental Policy

Care for the environment, and knowledge that our natural resources are limited and should be used responsibly, have always been extremely important for ACOEM AB.

ACOEM AB’s products and services have a positive impact on the environment and we work continuously to design, develop, produce, and distribute them in a way that minimizes their negative impact on the environment.

To guide us in this work, we at ACOEM AB are certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015.

In all its operations, ACOEM AB strives to minimize its negative environmental impact. In all aspects of our business, we follow the relevant legislation, regulations, and other environmental demands that the organization is affected by. To help us achieve this we continuously improve our environmental performance by setting environmental targets, starting action plans, and carrying out necessary improvements as identified by internal or external evaluations.

Environment declaration of FIXTURLASER products older than 10 years
Environment declaration of Acoem/FIXTURLASER products


We work together with DNV which also issues our certificates.

Management System Certificate (ISO, Atex & IP65) – English version
Nemko Product Quality Assurance Notification

ACOEM AB is also a certified supplier of EX-classified alignment systems; the FIXTURLASER EXO alignment tool. For more information, see the certificate: Presafe 19 ATEX 14080, Issue 1 201116.

Product Obsolescence policy

ACOEM AB is the manufacturer of FIXTURLASER branded products and those who purchase FIXTURLASER products have a right to understand the policy determining support, repair, and ultimate obsolescence of those products. This policy outlines ACOEM’s methods for handling products as they are withdrawn from the active sales market. ACOEM AB makes every attempt in good faith to surpass the guidelines listed here, but it must be made clear that technological progress may at times limit the practicability of providing expedient service and support for products that have long since been removed from the market.


ACOEM’s policy regarding product availability, repair service, and support is outlined below. This explanation is intended to give FIXTURLASER customers a clear overview as an aid to their future planning in terms of acquisition, training, and servicing.

Product Availability

True technological progress must translate into new products that deliver improved functionality while reducing the costs of acquisition, training, and user effort. Since by the same virtue, the older products they replace become economically or logistically unfeasible to produce or service, these older products must be withdrawn from the range of available services at some point as their components and technologies become increasingly unavailable. To deal with this phenomenon in the most orderly possible fashion, ACOEM AB has established the following set of procedures that determine the discontinuance of products, spare parts, and product accessories from the market.


Three months before the Remove From Sale date arrives, the product is phased out of future production planning so that only those units currently planned, manufactured, and in finished stock will be available to fill all remaining new orders. The sales organization is therefore informed of Limited Availability for the product so that delivery time and stock status can be checked before additional new orders are confirmed.


The product is officially removed from the market on or after the announced Remove From Sale date when a Stop Sale notice is distributed throughout the sales organization. Once this notice has been circulated, no further orders can be accepted, and it becomes the responsibility of the sales staff to ensure that no customers are disappointed by product unavailability once the ‘Stop Sale’ information has been issued.

Repair of Products After Stop Sale

Following the Stop Sale date, ACOEM AB will maintain sufficient parts inventory to enable the repair of all products removed from sale for 5 years. Only the most recent hardware version can be repaired, which can require that the customer first grant approval for updating the product to the latest version so that repair can be performed. ACOEM AB will make every attempt to perform a repair at a reasonable cost whenever the product has considerable useful life remaining. Still, in some cases, the repair expense may outweigh the usefulness of the repaired product, so economic justification is no longer possible. However, the user must recognize that costs for repairs may become excessive, and most likely could not be justified by the user. Moreover, when costly design changes are required which would jeopardize the official approval of a product (for example, intrinsic safety certification), ACOEM AB cannot assume responsibility for the consequences of such changes and reserves the right to refuse to repair in such cases.

Product support following Stop Sale

For two years following the stop-sale date, ACOEM AB provides regular training and customer support for the product. While specialized training can be negotiated for older products thereafter, the expense and lead time required to do so may render this an impractical alternative.

Version support

As soon as a Stop Sale notice has been circulated for a product, only the latest hardware version will be accepted for repair. In that case, as noted above, any outdated hardware must be updated to the latest version to allow repair. Only the most recent software version will be eligible for support under the terms of service and support agreements, and the customer must order a software update to the latest version to receive software support.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

ACOEM AB’s products have a limited lifetime warranty. Please contact your local dealer for more information!