Welcome to our world

About Acoem Sweden

Since the very beginning in 1984, Acoem Sweden (former Fixturlaser) has helped industries throughout the world to achieve more profitable and sustainable production.

We have reached where we are today by having the courage to think beyond the norm and follow slightly unconventional paths. We have had the courage to make mistakes and find new directions. Through our resolve, ambition, and knowledge we have become a global player and a leader in innovative, user-friendly shaft alignment.

Sustainable innovations

During our almost 40 years in the industry, we have drafted, adjusted, and experimented more than anyone. Some might say we are incurable innovators whereas others might say that we are highly focused. They probably have a point. If we hadn’t been devoted and ambitious, we wouldn’t have been the first in the industry to have a touch screen. Nor would we have been pioneers in the use of visible lasers and dual measuring heads.

Over the years, we have learned to never compromise on quality and we are constantly in search of new, unexplored opportunities by combining advanced technology with design and function. By doing so, we have become the leading innovator in our sector. Not only do we minimize wear, production stoppages, and costs, we also help save the environment. Natural resources are in short supply and if we can contribute to a more sustainable world by making it a little bit straighter, we couldn’t be happier.

True commitment

One reason for our success is our solid commitment. We have ensured that we remain attentive and constantly pick up on the needs of the market. Our expert employees and dedicated dealers in over 70 countries are undoubtedly our most important assets. Satisfaction and team spirit are of particular importance to us and are consistently on top of our priority list. With experience from a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes, we are fully aware of the problems and needs of our end customers. We are passionate about what we do and we are driven by the desire to eliminate anything in the global industry that may be even slightly out of line.

Pure usability

Our design and user-friendliness are carefully interwoven. As we develop new products, they also become cleaner, smarter, more functional, and more robust. An industrial environment is demanding, infinitely more difficult to work in, and inevitably subject to time pressure. There is no place for equipment with unnecessary functions, complicated interfaces, and is difficult to assemble.

Usability and user-friendliness mean everything, not only to us but also to our customers. We have designed products that are easy to learn and can be incorporated quickly. By removing non-essential functions, we make life less difficult for our users – and probably a little more difficult for our competitors.