Shaft alignment with the Fixturlaser GO Basic!

value for your money!

Fixturlaser GO Basic

Value for Money with the Fixturlaser GO Basic!

An Adaptive User Interface with the VertiZontal Moves

 Fixturlaser has developed an adaptive user interface, i.e. a user interface that actually tells you what to do based on your measurement results. With the VertiZontal Moves feature, we have brought to you one of the most innovative and time saving features in the shaft alignment world.

The adaptive user interface shows how much a misaligned machine requires to be adjusted by adding or removing shims at the machine’s feet. When proceeding with the measurement, you no longer need to remeasure in between the vertical and the horizontal adjustment during the adjustment process. The following horizontal adjustment is promptly carried out with real values displayed.

The time savings from the VertiZontal Moves are huge; such as e.g. much less walking around machines or climbing up and down to make adjustments and re-measure and/or fewer times shimming, hammering, prying, lifting, sweating, etc.

Sensor Technology 

All Fixturlaser shaft alignment tools use two sensor units, i.e. two laser beams. With the integrated innovative technologies, 30 mm CCD sensors and line laser, we have virtually eliminated both rough alignment and laser adjustment, even for big angular misalignments.

This is a benefit you would not enjoy with the measurement technique that uses only one laser beam. With such a technique, you would have to remeasure after each and every adjustment.

The sensor also deliver extremely high measurement accuracy. The CCD sensors also allow for digital signal quality control, further enhancing the measurement accuracy.

Power Management System – the Resume Function

The Fixturlaser GO Basic has an exceptional power management system with an integrated resume function. It will automatically save all critical data if and when it goes into energy saving mode or if the battery goes flat. It will automatically resume to where you left off, when you turn on the system again – that is our exceptional Resume Function!

Pick Your View with the Screen Flip

Confusing when the display screen does not show the machine from the same angle as your view of it? No problem, we have a solution for that as well – the Screen Flip. It enables you to see the machine set-up from the actual view point that you have of the machine.


Less Downtime, Prolonged Machine Life Time - the Benefits from Shaft Alignment

Shaft Alignment with the Fixturlaser GO Basic will have an impact on your budget. It is well documented that performing shaft alignment will reduce your downtime, increase machine life time, as well as reduce the machine component wear. It will all be translated into less expenditures for maintenance and a more profitable business. It all comes down to: “Can you afford to not invest in the Fixturlaser GO Basic?”


​Fixturlaser GO Basic have a lifetime warranty. The warranty is valid under condition that the system is calibrated and updated at least once every 24 month by an authorized Fixturlaser service center.

What's in the case?

Fixturlaser GO Basic
1 display unit
1 sensor unit receiver M2
1 sensor unit transmitter S2
2 shaft brackets complete incl. 4 rods, 150 mm and chain, 470 mm
1 USB cable A-B 1 m
2 pcs of cable 3 m
1 tape measure 5 m
2 pieces of angled universal tool
3 pieces of battery LR14 C-cell Alkaline
1 Fixturlaser GO Basic manual
1 Fixturlaser GO Basic CD-ROM manual - multi-languages

Technical specification


Weight (incl. all standard parts) 5,0  kg (11,0 lbs) 
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
 Material  High Impact ABS Plastic
 Environmental protection:  Dust, water (5m/16 feet), and air tight with air pressure compensation valve
 Drop Test:  3 m (10 feet) on to concrete floor

415 mm x 325 mm x 180 mm (16 in x 13 in x 7 in)

 Display Unit  
 Housing Material  High impact ABS plastic and TPE rubber
 Operating Temp:  -10 to 60°C ( 14 to 140°F)
 Storage Temp:   -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
 Relative Humidity: 10 – 90%
 Weight  0,66 kg (1,46 lbs) with batteries
 Dimensions  205 mm x 116 mm x 56 mm (8.1 in x 4.6 in x 2.2 in)
 Environmental Protection:   IP 54
 Flash storage memory  500 Mb
 Display size  4” (102 mm) diagonal (84 x 56 mm)
 Interface  Membrane Switch Keyboard
 Peripherals  2 RS-485, 1 USB slave port
 Power supply:  3 x 1,5V LR-14 (C) Alkaline batteries or 1,2V NiMH HR-14 Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hybride cells
 Operating Time:   12 hours typical use
 LED Indicators  Green/Red
Sensor Units  
Housing Material Anodized aluminum and high impact ABS plastic molded over with TPE rubber
Operating Temp -10 to 60°C   (14 to 140°F)
Relative Humidity 10 – 90%
Weight 170 g (6,0 oz)

79 mm x 77 mm x 34 mm (3,4 in x 3,0 in x 1,3 in)

Environmental Protection:  IP 65 (Dust tight and protected against water jets)
Laser 650 nm class II diode laser
Laser Line Fan Angle
Laser line width (1/e2):  1,6 mm
Laser line divergence (full angle): 0.25 mrad
Laser Power: < 1 mW
Measurement distance: Up to 5 m
Detector CCD
Detector length:  30 mm (1.2 in)
Detector angular sub tense 30 mrad/m (3 mm/100 mm per meter)
Detector resolution:  1 µm
Measurement accuracy  0.3% ± 7 µm
LED Indicators:  Laser transmission and status indicators
Inclinometer resolution 0.1°
Inclinometer accuracy:  ±0.5°
Ambient light protection: Optical filtering and ambient light signal rejection
Laser safety   
Shaft brackets  
Fixture V-fixture with non-twisting chain, width 20 mm (0,79 in)
Material Anodized aluminum
Shaft diameter Ø 25-175 mm (1”-6.9”)
Ø 25-450 mm (1”-18”) (with extension chains)
Rods 4 pcs 150 mm (5.9 in)


 Fixturlaser rod kit  
Rod kit 4 pcs 100 mm (39.4 inch) Extension chain, 1020 mm (118.2 inch) One thin chain fixture
  Fixturlaser Extension fixture Rod Stabilizer
Magnetic brackets 2 pcs 60 - 80 mm (23.6-31.5 inch) Extension fixture, 49 mm and 94 mm Rod stabilizer

 Extension cable, 3 m