A revolution in shaft alignment!

Fixturlaser NXA Pro

The Fixturlaser NXA Pro aims to provide the user with a fast and simple operation, as well as having access to advanced functions and capabilities, such as the OmniView and the VertiZontal Moves, and probably the best power management system in the market place.

Geometry the easy way


The laser based geometry systems by Fixturlaser are characterized by their user friendliness. Being user friendly also means being fast! With our systems’ graphical user interface, you do not have to waste time on refreshing your memory or on second guessing yourself during the actual work; our user interface guides you throughout the entire measurement and adjustment or alignment process.

Straightness in a kit


The new Bore Fixture Non Mag ø290-620mm works either on magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces ! The rotation unit fixture can easily be moved between the two 3-legs fixtures for quick and precise measure !

Fixturlaser NXA Products' Great Feature


With our OmniView function proceed shaft alignment form everywhere around the sensors : The Display Units shows you the machine as it is in front of you !

most innovative feature in shaft alignment world


Our function VertiZontal will give you precise insctructions on how to align your machine. As every modification appeared in real time on the display unit it will allow you to save time and energy.

Shaft alignment

Shaft Alignment

Minimize wear, production stoppages
and unnecessary costs with a laser
based shaft alignment tool from Fixturlaser. Nearly 50% of all machine breakdowns are caused by
misalignment. Can you afford not to
align your machines?


Repair & Calibration


There is a Fixturlaser certified
repair centre in every continent
ready to take care of your tool
for repair and/or calibration.

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